Finishing You Quilt

At Beechwood Quilting there are two options for finishing your quilt

1. We finish your quilt with patterns and thread colours of your choice.

2.    You hire our Longarm machine and complete your quilt yourself making it truly all your own work, this is not using the computer, tuition is of course part of this option.We can help make quilting your quilt an enjoyable experience. We have many quilters who are delighted and proud of their finished quilts being all their own work. 

Sorry not available at this time

If you are undecided which option is best for you please give us a call on 01786 357655, we are happy answer your questions and discuss the possibilities.Alternatively we can bring Beechwood Quilting to meet you and discuss your options.

We like to spend time discussing your quilt and this can be done in person, by phone, on FaceTime/Skype or by email.

Now go and look out those unfinished quilt tops and transform your UFOs into the quilts they deserve to be.


Firpark Terrace


Stirling FK7 9ND

01786 357655